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Sun 9 May

Urban Nature & Mindfulness Retreat

Experience the healing and restorative effects of movement, mindfulness and nature connection on our half day Urban Nature and Mindfulness Retreat. This mini retreat is an invitation to slow down, rest and reconnect. 

Be guided through a gentle yoga / mindful movement practice followed by a Forest Bathing Walk, all in the Pine Forest at Centennial Park. Give yourself the gift of three and a half hours of mindful movement in nature, to reconnect, restore and recharge. 

What is Forest Bathing? Rest assured no nudity is required! Forest Bathing is an immersive, sensory experience where we let nature soak in through all our senses. We use mindfulness meditation and slow movement to reawaken our innate and intuitive connection to the natural world, and to ourselves. There is now substantial scientific evidence that reveals the beneficial effects of nature connection on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Forest Bathing is being called "The New Yoga", but actually connecting to nature in meaningful ways has been a way of life for humans in different cultures around the world for thousands of years. In our modern world we’ve lost touch with this way of being and our intuitive knowledge of how to heal and restore ourselves. With this mini retreat we offer you a chance to pause, reset and remember.

Program includes:

· 45 minute gentle outdoor Yoga practice (accessible to anyone, beginners welcome, please bring a yoga mat or towel and wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely)

· 2.5hr Forest Bathing Walk, including guided meditation, slow wandering and gentle invitations to connect to nature.

Please bring:

- yoga mat or towel

- hat

- water

- jumper and light rain jacket if it looks like rain. 

- wear loose, comfortable clothes you can move freely in

- please bring a snack if you might need it. 

Note: event will be cancelled in heavy rain or storms but may go ahead in light rain

Please feel free to contact with any queries.

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Covid-19 Safety Plan



$45.00 per ticket


The WILD PLAY Discovery Centre




Public transport recommended. Limited parking available.