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VegRun 2023 FAQs

What is the event? 

A.        VegRun is an all age charity run. The event will take place from 7:30am – 10am on the 6th August 2023.

Where can I find more information about the event and how to attend? 

A.        For information about the event, how to buy tickets and how to get there, please visit the event website here:

Which areas of Centennial Parklands are impacted by this event and when? 

A.        VegRun will be held on Church Grounds and the designated running route from Church Grounds and back along Snake Bank.  

I am not attending the event, will I still be able to access Centennial Parklands on the event day/s? 

A.        Yes, you will still be able to access the Parklands on the event day however some areas may have traffic and access restrictions.  

What will the traffic and access impacts be? 

A.        Due to the scale of this event traffic congestion and delays are not expected to be too disruptive in and around Centennial Parklands on the day of the event. However, we always recommend you plan your trip and use public transport. Plan it here  

What external road closures will be put in place?  

A.        There will be no road closures for this event.

 Will everything in the park operate as normal? 

A.        Yes.  

Will there be any sound impacts related to this event? 

A.        No.   

How can I find out more information on scheduled events in Centennial Parklands? 

While we inform all immediate neighbours of large events that may require traffic changes by letterbox drop, we provide information via our website, eNewsletters, Facebook, Twitter, What’s On brochure, local publications and/or (at times) via letterbox drop. You can sign up to our eNewsletters here or join our online community via Facebook and Twitter to ensure you are informed. 

What other events are scheduled to take place in Centennial Parklands? 

Visit our What’s On web page to see what other events are happening in Centennial Parklands. 

How do I find out about holding an event in Centennial Parklands? 

A.        Centennial Parklands has a range of venues for hire to suit a variety of different events.  Please visit our ‘event organisers’ web page to learn more.