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Fri 12 Mar, 9 Apr

Camping 101

A nature filled night of camping and outdoor activities is easy and fun at Centennial Parklands. This authentic camping experience just 10 minutes away from the CBD, is a special way to bond with family. Centennial Parklands shows you all the delights of camping; you will enjoy a twilight tour, campfire stories, sleeping under the stars and much more!

Throughout the year, our program will have different themes.

March- Raft Races

Learn how to build robust little rafts from natural materials and test to see if they float...

April - The Best Cubby Houses

Become a Master Cubby Builder using only materials you find in the bush...

May - Stargazing

Not only do you get to sleep under the stars - the Sydney City Skywatchers will set up their telsecopes for us and share their knowledge about the beautiful night sky ...

June - Winter Solstice

Come and celebrate this special time of the year with us in the park.

September - Tracks, Trails, and Treasures

Enjoy a spring night in Centennial Park and learn survival skills from our education rangers.

November - Who lives in the Park?

Find out who you will share the park with over night. In the afternoon we will investigate the creatures living around our Discovery Centre, and in the evening we will explore the swamp with our spotlights...

Our package includes:

  • Tent assembly 101: remember the poles
  • Fully catered BBQ dinner and continental breakfast
  • Unique bat watching experience at sunset with our Education rangers
  • Guided spotlight tour of nocturnal wild life in the park
  • Running, jumping and playing in our amazing Outdoor classroom
  • Authentic catered campfire experience (and yes! We will have s’mores and stories)
  • Mindfulness activity for adults and kid’s nature play activities in the morning

Bring the kids along for a fun night under the stars. Added bonus: you’ll be the first in the park in the morning!

BYO tent and sleeping arrangements.

Minimum numbers have to be met for this program.


  1. Can I bring my baby along? - Tickets are required from 2 years old. Younger kids can come but don’t need a ticket.
  2. Are there any shower facilities? - The program is held near a toilet block. There is access to cold water but no shower facilities.
  3. Are there any restrictions on the tent size? - Tent must not be bigger than 20m2.
  4. Do we need to bring furniture or utensils? - We provide outdoor chairs and tables for meal times but you might like to bring a camp chair for sitting outside your tent.
  5. Are dinner and breakfast provided? Yes, the ticket includes a BBQ-dinner and a continental breakfast.


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Friday 12 Mar, 9 Apr




The WILD PLAY Discovery Centre


All welcome


Public transport recommended. Limited parking available.