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Mon 20 Sep 10 AM - 10.30 AM

Bushrangers online - Shelter Challenge!

Become a Bushranger these spring holidays and learn about the rules of survival in the outdoors!

Shelter is the first and most important survival skill when out in the bush. Let's explore why we need shelter and how we can build our cubbies outdoors and indoors.  In our interactive workshop our rangers will show you how to find the best sticks and connect them - or what you do if there are no sticks around!

Children will understand the foundations of building both a Tarp Shelter and Debris Shelter. This program will spark their imaginative cubby building skills.

Our video and activity pack ensure that you will not forget your newly learnt skills!

This is a 30minutes live online workshop delivered via zoom. You will receive an activity sheet and the zoom link two days before the program starts. 


Mon 20 Sep 10 AM - 10.30 AM


$3 Families, $150 Vacation Care Groups


Adults, Children, Vacation Care Groups