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Wings for Life FAQs

Q. What is the event?

A. In collaboration with the Wings for Life Foundation, Centennial Parklands will host the Wings for Life World Run, raising funds for spinal cord injury research. The event is taking place on Sunday 7 May 2023 at 9pm.
The Wings for Life World Run is a unique and global race for both runners and wheelchair participants. Download the Wings For Life World Run App and compete against people all over the world. On May 7 at 9pm AEST the race commences. No matter what country or time zone you’re in you start at the same moment. 30 min after the start a virtual catcher car begins, moving slowly at first and steadily picking up speed. Eventually the virtual catcher car will overtake you, eliminating you from the race. Be the last person caught to be crowned the champion of your country, region and the globe!
This is a race for all abilities, run, walk or roll your personal best.
100% of all donations and the entry fees go directly into spinal cord injury research projects.

Q. Where can I find more information about the event and how to attend?

A.        Register for the Wings for Life World Run online at

Q. Which areas of Centennial Parklands are impacted by this event and when?

A.        The Wings for Life Work Run will include a small event village at Brazilian Fields West with a 1.7km loop incorporating sections of Grand Drive, Parkes Drive, Dickens Drive & Loch Avenue. Lighting towers will be present to assist with visibility on the event night.
Bump in for this event will commence Friday 5 May and the site will return to public access on Monday 8 May 2023.

Q. I am not attending the event; will I still be able to access Centennial Park on the event day?

A.        Yes, pedestrian access to Centennial Park will be maintained at all times. On the event day, there will be some necessary traffic and access restrictions in place for safety reasons, however as this event is in the evening, it will not affect Centennial Park daily operations.
All vehicle gates will be open and close as per normal operations on the day. Vehicle access will be restricted on roads internal of Grand Drive including Parkes Drive, Dickens Drive & Loch Ave. All roads will reopen to normal traffic for Centennial Park opening the next morning. Moore Park and Queens Park will operate as per normal.

Q. What will the traffic and access impacts be?

A.        Centennial Park will remain open for all park visitors while the event is bumping in and out. To safely manage the event there will be some operational changes in place such as road closures and parking restrictions. All vehicle gates will remain open as per normal during bump in and bump out.   

  • Road Closures
    All roads internal of Grand Drive loop will be closed from 6pm on event day to facilitate the running event. There are no external road closures planned as part of this event. A drop of zone will be in place on Parkes Drive on event day.

  •  Gate Closures
    Centennial Park Gates will operate as per normal hours in May.

  • Parking restrictions:

  • Mobility Pass Holder access:
    No restrictions

  • Horse and rider access:
    No restrictions

  • Cyclist and Rollerblader access:
    Cyclists and roller bladers will be able to access all open roads during standard Park hours, however will be restrictred from accessing through road closers during the race in the evening.

Q. Will Centennial Parklands Homestead be open as usual?

A.        Yes, Centennial Homestead will be open as per usual.

Q. Will the Spruce Goose Diner still be operating?

A.        Yes, Spruce Goose Diner will be open as per usual.

Q. Will the Greenhouse be open as usual?

A.        Yes, Greenhouse will be open as per usual.

Q. Will the Centennial Park Cycle Hire still be operating?

A.        Yes, Centennial Park Cycle Hire will be open as usual.

Q. Will the Bar Coco still be operating?

A.        Yes, Bar Coco will be open as usual.

Q. Will there be any sound impacts related to this event?

A.        The Wings for Life World Run is not a music event. However, there will be amplified sound as part of run atmosphere between 18:00 and 21:30 on Sunday 7 May.
The Trust is committed to complying with all legislation and guidelines covering amplified sound levels at outdoor events.  The Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust Noise Management Plan is available on our website:

Q. How can I find out more information on scheduled events in Centennial Parklands?

 While we inform all immediate neighbours of events that may require traffic changes by letterbox drop, we provide information via our website, eNewsletters, Facebook, Twitter, What’s On brochure, local publications and/or (at times) via letterbox drop. You can sign up to our eNewsletters here or join our online community via Facebook and Twitter to ensure you are informed.

Q. What other events are scheduled to take place in Centennial Parklands?

 Visit our What’s On web page to see what other events are happening in Centennial Parklands.

Q. How do I find out about holding an event in Centennial Parklands?

 A.       Centennial Parklands has a range of venues for hire to suit a variety of different events.  Please visit our ‘event organisers’ web page to learn more.