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Monday 22 July - Sunday 28 July

Tree Trail

Celebrate the remarkable world of trees through this self-guided trail. Trees not only provide: oxygen, food, medicine, shade, timber and critical habitat, they ensure life on Earth. They are also some of the oldest living things and are a fun to climb and admire.

From Monday 22 - Sunday 28 July, download the map below and follow the trail to discover the wonderful world of trees at Centennial Parklands. There are 12 trees to locate. You will find old trees, ancient dinosaur species, food trees, habitat trees, historical trees, as well as native, exotic and invasive species.

Each tree is identified by a coloured ribbon around its trunk. There is a task for you to do at each tree.

The trail will take you around Lachlan Swamp in the inner circle of Centennial Parklands.

What you will need:
• Hat
• Paper (for bark rubbings)
• Water
• Sense of adventure
• Pencil or crayon


Monday 22 July - Sunday 28 July




Centennial Park Labyrinth


Public transport recommended. Limited parking available