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Tuesday 9 July

Number Crunch with Fizzics

It’s math, but not as you know it! This fun and hands-on workshop uses challenging experiments, tricky puzzles and lots of real-life applications to get kids excited about numbers. Determine wind speed. How high is that building? Measure chemicals for the best explosion! Can you work out the number of animals in the bushland? Bend and bounce light using prisms and mirrors… plus lots more!

The focus of the workshop is to use maths as a tool to do cool things, rather than just to provide correct or incorrect answers. Then, let’s get creative with maths as we take these ideas and do some whacky engineering and build things that work, but just don’t seem to make sense. Square wheels that roll? It’s maths gone mad!

Time: 9am-12pm





The WILD PLAY Discovery Centre


Grades 3-6


Public transport recommended. Limited parking available.