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Sunday 5 November, 8.30am (8.30 AM - 12.00 PM)


Walk4BrainCancer and join the movement!

Walk4BrainCancer raises funds for Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, an Australian-based organisation working globally to rapidly improve brain cancer survival. 
Since 2013, Walk4BrainCancer has helped to raise over $30 million for world-class research, including $8 million for projects to help kids with brain cancer. It’s helped fund 53 game-changing research projects, supported Australia’s best scientists and clinicians, and taken brain cancer from a forgotten disease to a national health priority. Every step you walk will help move us closer to a cure. So what are you waiting for? 

Stand with the brain cancer community again to find a cure, fast! 

Find out more information about the event visit Walk 4 Brain Cancer website.

You can access the event FAQs to learn about traffic impacts and important information related to this event.


Sunday 5 November, 8.30am


Church Grounds
Church Grounds, Centennial Park, New South Wales, Australia


All welcome


Public transport recommended.