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Picnics and picnic bookings

Centennial Parklands has been one of Sydney's most popular picnic spots for generations.

Enjoying a picnic with family and friends in the Parklands is one of life's simple pleasures!

Picnics are free and bookings are unnecessary, we welcome all visitors take advantage of the amazing vistas and green space of the Parklands. 

We need your help to maintain a sustainable and beautiful space for the entire community to enjoy and a safe environment for our wildlife. Please refer to the simple Rules and Regulations relating to picnics in the Parklands.

If you would like to reserve a picnic spot, we have 11 bookable sites and the ability to cater to groups of up to 300 people. Visit our Venues pages to learn more.

Leave no trace in our parks

Picnics can generate significant amounts of rubbish and although bins are provided throughout the Parklands, we ask that wherever possible, you please take your rubbish with you when you leave.

Taking your rubbish with you reduces the potential danger waste poses to wildlife, as well as enabling us to keep waste disposal costs to a minimum. This means we are able to invest precious funds into tree conservation and planting, as well as other essential maintenance of the Parklands' heritage features, amenities and facilities.

Some of the Leave No Trace campaign's key campaign principles are:

  • Plan ahead and prepare (e.g. repackage food to minimise waste)

  • Dispose of waste properly (or better still, take your waste with you when you leave)

  • Respect wildlife – keep our wildlife wild and don’t feed the animals and birds

  • Be considerate of your host and other visitors.