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Centennial Parklands is one of Sydney's most cycle-friendly public spaces - more than 750,000 cyclists ride in and through the Parklands annually.

Cycling has a long history in the Parklands, with the first cyclists being welcomed five years before cars were permitted. Centennial Park's Cyclists Avenue opened in 1900 and Director of the Botanic Gardens and Domains, Joseph Maiden had the Park's former Kiosk refurbished into a Cyclists’ Pavilion in 1908.

Today the Parklands provides dedicated cycle lanes and pathways for riders of all levels of experience. We are a vital link between the City of Sydney's network of cycleways and the eastern suburbs cycle network - making the Parklands a key commuter space.

Shared and beginner's cycleways

The Parklands offers visitors a number of shared cycleways designed to provide safe cycling, beginners may also take advantage of the Learners Cycleway. The Grand Drive Cycle Lane provides a safe and accessible link into the surrounding regional network of cycleways.

We encourage the safe and courteous use of the cycle areas at all times. Please remember to wear a helmet, observe the 30 km/h speed limit and be aware of the Rules and Regulations relating to cycling in Centennial Parklands.

Rules and regulations

Like many parks around the world, Centennial Parklands has rules and regulations to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all visitors. These simple rules and regulations are in place for the safety of both cyclists and other park visitors. Safety is our primary concern, and we enforce these rules and regulations under NSW legislation.

These are key rules and regulations that should be observed at all times:

  • Cyclists must observe the 30 km/h speed limit throughout the Parklands (unless otherwise notified)

  • Cyclist must wear bicycle helmets at all times when cycling in the Parklands

  • Cyclists must observe stop signs

  • Cyclists must not ride contra-flow when on a one-way road

  • Cyclists must not ride in packs of more than 16 riders, or ride more than 2 abreast

  • Bicycle racing is not permitted, unless specifically approved by the Trust as part of an event

  • Riding a bicycle on a footpath is not permitted unless the cyclist is under 12 years of age

  • Cycling is not permitted on grass or environmentally sensitive areas due to the erosion and pedestrian safety issues.

Centennial Parklands Rangers are highly concerned about the safety of cyclists and other park visitors, and are able to stop and/or fine cyclists if they are not observing the above rules and regulations.

Stay in the loop

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