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How to walk the Labyrinth

How do you walk a labyrinth?

There is no right or wrong reason to walk a labyrinth. Some people come with questions, others just to slow down and take time out from their busy lives. Some come to find strength to take the next step. Many use it during times of grief and loss, and others use it just for fun.

It is said that walking a labyrinth involves three stages:

  • the 'inward' journey, which has traditionally been associated with letting go or releasing thoughts or ideas that hinder the self
  • the centre, which represents a space of centring and illumination
  • the 'outward' journey, which symbolises a return back into the 'outisde' world.

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Download Sydney composer Corrina Bonshek's Journey to the Centre 

Composer and resident of the Centennial Park area, Corrina Bonshek was inspired to compose a piece of music after experiencing the Labyrinth and bird songs in the Park. Download the free mp3 and enhance your labyrinth experience.