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Model Yacht Pond

Stormwater enters Centennial Parklands’ pond system at the eastern side of Centennial Park via Model Yacht Pond. Sailing model yachts was once a familiar pastime for park visitors, giving this pond its name. A Gross Pollutant Trap (GPT) is installed adjacent to Model Yacht Pond to prevent pollution carried through the stormwater from entering the pond environment.

The GPT acts as a giant sieve to catch and remove from the stormwater any solid rubbish greater than one millimetre in diameter. This includes cigarette butts, plastic bags and bottles and organic material such as leaves.

During high flow periods, following heavy rains, the GPT may be bypassed causing pollutants to flow directly into the pond. An artificial island has been constructed to prevent water stagnating in this pond and reed beds around the island act as natural filters to remove dissolved pollutants. Together these features provide excellent habitat for nesting water birds including ducks and swans.