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Lost statues

Over the years many of Centennial Parklands' statues have been lost due to a combination of age, deterioration, vandalism or other damage.

In 1889, four terracotta vases on stone bases sculpted by Rhode and Andrea were located at intervals along Grand Drive near Parkes Drive. By 1917, they had to be removed due to extensive damage and decay.

A statue of former British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli was destroyed by accident prior to 1946, and in 1959, statues including an Abraham Lincoln, Garfield and One More Shot statue had to be removed and dumped as their extensive decay made them too badly damaged to retain.

Another statue gracing Grand Drive near the site of the present kiosk was the classically inspired statue ‘Charity which depicted a woman holding a small child in one arm with the other arm around another child leaning close to her skirt. This statue stood on site until 1946 when it was taken down due to extensive damage.

A marble ‘Diana the Huntress’, resplendent with sword and hound, thought to have been sculpted by Hanson, surveyed Grand Drive from her important position in Cannon Triangle until she was removed along with the majority of statues in1971.