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Duck sculpture

The Duck Sculpture, part of the Duck Pond Interpretation Maze, is an award winning sculpture created entirely from recycled sandstone, gravel, steel and timbers.

The sculpture was designed by Jane Cavanough of Artlandish.

In 1999 it was an Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) and Landscape Contractors Association (LCA) award for Design Rehabilitation and Infrastructure.

The water feature delivers wonderful visual and audio effects to accompany the curved inlaid walls and bronze handrails - all the result of innovative combinations of construction materials.

Duck Pond Interpretive Maze

The maze also received the top LCA award for the Rehabilitation and Conservation segment, stealing the thunder from some hot competition.

Adopting four distinct themes: water source, storm water pollution, ecological history and practical management, the installation blends stone signage, artworks and sculptures, many depicting native bird life. Situated near the Duck Pond, it is proving a big attraction in one of Centennial Park’s most frequently used areas.

Dramatically improving the pond’s degraded edge, the project has introduced new diversity into the wetland system by providing new fixtures for birds and other wildlife to use in their daily routines while Parklands Rangers have incorporated the structures into their education programs for school children and university students.

Serving to develop a rapport with visitors, the built elements projecting into the pond, reinforce the fundamental connection between people and water.