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Statues and sculptures

Designed with the European Picturesque garden style in mind, Centennial Park originally featured 31 statues, most of which are now lost. Subject matter ran the gamut of allegorical and mythological works, International political leaders and authors.

Although the majority of the original works are now lost due to a combination of theft, vandalism, weathering and accidental damage, a few remain. Among them is the recently restored, life-size statue of author and advocate for social and economic improvement for the working class, Charles Dickens.

The Dickens statue is one of only three in the world and was lost for nearly 40 years until it was discovered beheaded in the Sydney suburb of Rozelle. The statue was restored and returned to Centennial Park in 2012.

Where did all the statues go?

The location of a handful of the 'missing' statues is known but many have disappeared without a trace! Rumours of thefts in the night and WWI burials under the levee banks of the Park's ponds are rife. If the Dickens statue is any indication, time will tell some remarkable tales.