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Fairland Pavillion

Fairland Pavilion

Centennial Park, see interactive map here 

Date built:

About the building

The Fairland Pavilion, located adjacent McKay Oval in Centennial Park, was designed by architects Charles and Sid Hurst. A second storey was added in 1952 providing additional dressing rooms, balcony, showers and lavatories.

The double storey brick building with hipped tiled roof has little discernible architectural style. Although its relationship to the McKay Oval and to the backdrop of trees to the north tends to be harmonious, the crude detailing and poor state of repair result in a building of little architectural quality.

Reclamation of swamp land and development of ovals was commenced in 1925 by members of the Old Boys’ Union, guided by Robert Thomas McKay, civil engineer, and Charles Fairland. Part of the work was funded under the Unemployment Relief Council.

Book the Pavilion

The Fairland Pavilion is a building that can be booked for small events. For enquiries, contact the Parklands Office on (02) 9339 6699 or

Fairland Pavillion stands adjacent McKay Oval, Centennial Park (photo courtesy Chris Gleisner)