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The Tibouchina is April’s plant of the month


Tibouchina, Glory Bush, Lasiandra

Botanical name:

Tibouchina “Alstonville”


Tibouchina, or Lasiandra, is a small evergreen tree native to south-east Brazil. These trees typically grow to a height of five metres, but can also be trained as a shrub.

Tibouchina are most easily recognised during the autumn months when they are covered in small, purple flowers. The leaves of this cultivar are small, dark green with a pale green underside and are covered with fine hairs. The fruit is a capsule.

They are best suited to temperate and sub-tropical climates free of major frosts. They prefer a well drained, slightly acidic soil and benefit from adequate watering in the growing season, and will tolerate full sun.

Tibouchinas are relatively pest free and, for best results, pruning the plant after flowering will result in a dense growth habit and better flowering in the following year. These trees can be planted openly as a garden or street tree or will also tolerate growing in a tub or planter box.

Tibouchina “Alstonville” is so named as Alstonville, on the far north coast of New South Wales, was the first area of Australia where this cultivar was grown.

Plant use:

In South America people use the masses of purple blooms to decorate churches at Easter. In Brazil, an infusion of the leaves, stems and flowers of some species are used for stomach problems.

Where can Tibouchinas be seen in the Parklands?

Tibouchina “Alstonville” can be found planted within the circular annual beds of the Column Garden, where it creates a contrast with the seasonal annual displays, before becoming a feature itself in the autumn months.

This information was curated by a team of passionate Centennial Parklands volunteers. Find out more about our volunteer programs here.

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