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Rose Campion

The Rose Campion is November's plant of the month. 

Common Name:                     Rose Campion
Botanical Name:                     Silene coronaria (Lychnis coronaria)
Family:                                    Caryophyllaceae

Habitat and Distribution

A pretty pink flowing herb native to Asia and Europe. This short-lived perennial herb flourishes in the Sydney climate with favourable conditions for self-seeding and ongoing longevity. Other similar perennials with a basal rosette of leaves that do not freely self-seed usually rot and die back in Sydney’s humid summer months.


A perennial plant with light green-grey felted leaves offset by bright cerise successional blooms in July. Growing to a height of 80cm tall and 45cm wide. The leaves are attractive all year. A lovely plant for a cottage garden. It is a very drought tolerant plant and thrives in hot, dry beds with little moisture.
The Latin coronaria means "used for garlands".


Used widely in traditional medicine throughout the world and especially in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It has been used for centuries to treat a range of diseases, including leprosy, diarrhoea, lungs, liver and heart diease, and beriberi. This species is known to contain anti-inflammatory properties as well as many other pharmacological and phytochemical compounds.

Where to see the Rose Campion in Centennial Parklands

Column Garden. Map Ref: L10.