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Gymea Lily


Gymea Lily

Botanical name:



Gymea Lily is a genus of native Australian clumping evergreen plants that includes two species related to the lily, an Agave family growing eastern Australia.

The plant is a large evergreen perennial that grows one to two metres wide and one to two metres high growing in semi –shade and full sun. The erect, lance-shaped light green leaves emerge from the crown between one and two metres long, the torch like red flowers emerges at the top of stalk between three and six metres high from August to November and attracts nectar feeding birds.

The plant is grows well warm climates and is tolerant of drought, poor soils and salt spray in coastal conditions. The Gymea Lily is endemic to the central coast region of NSW. In Sydney, it is commonly found mainly in sand/sandstone based scrubland, woodland and open forest communities extending to the Blue Mountains.

Where can Gymea Lilies be seen in the Parklands?

The Gymea Lily has been extensively planted in Centennial Parklands and used as a feature plant in native and formal garden displays, particularly at the pedestrian and vehicle entrances to Centennial Park and Moore Park.

Examples can be seen at Randwick Gates, Robertson Road Gates and the corner of Anzac Parade and Dacey Avenue, Moore Park.

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