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Ombu Tree


Ombu tree

Botanical name:

Phytolacca dioica


The Ombu Tree is a medium sized, evergreen tree native to the pampas grasslands of South America. The tree itself takes on an umbrella shaped form and has numerous trunks thus giving it the appearance of a large shrub.

The tree can reach a height of up to 15 metres with a canopy of 10 to 15 metres, making it a popular shade tree in parts of the United States and South America.

The Ombu tree is native to a region that receives little rainfall, so the tree has developed a unique way of storing water by forming a large fleshy base. The tree can withstand temperatures as little as -4 degrees celcius and prolonged dry periods.

The Ombu tree can be identified by its dark, glossy leaves, small, greenish white flowers followed by red and green berries that are toxic to humans and animals.

Where can Ombu trees be seen in the Parklands?

Centennial Parklands is fortunate to have one of these trees that are rarely seen in Australia at the very end of Musgrave Avenue. It is one of the most visited and talked about trees within the Parklands. It appears to be in decline but has been retained to allow the basal suckers to take the place of the original canopy as it would naturally occur in the wild.

Dedicate a tree and support the Parklands!

Make a donation to the Centennial Parklands Foundation and you could be contributing to the planting and conservation of trees.

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