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Montezuma Cypress


Montezuma Cypress

Botanical name:

Taxodium mucronatum


This magnificent species is often described as being a large shrub as it often develops multiple trunks that form an expansive canopy of dark green, pendulous foliage. This species is known to be among the largest trees in diameter in the world.

Taxodium are also known to be fast growing and very drought tolerant, often reaching heights of up to 40 metres and favour areas with reliable access to water, such as near rivers and marshes. These trees have been used as ornamental trees in parks and gardens as well as being planted along riparian zones.

Like most conifers, propagation is by seed collected from the cones that appear on the tree late in summer.

Where can Montezuma Cypress be seen in the Parklands?

There are several specimens of Montezuma Cypress that have been planted in the Musgrave Avenue area of the Parklands, most notably near the One More Shot Pond. These small examples were grown on by seed sourced from Mexico and have been planted near a reliable source of water.

These trees will eventually reach a remarkable size, and will complement existing specimens of Northern Hemisphere conifers and deciduous trees in this area of Centennial Park.

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