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Centennial Parklands is teeming with terrestrial and aquatic invertebrates.

Common aquatic invertebrates include backswimmers, dragonfly nymphs and aquatic worms. These tiny water dwelling creatures provide ample food for larger wildlife and are also important indicators of water quality.

Throughout the Parklands there is an amazing variety of terrestrial insects and spiders, which are particularly abundant during the warmer months. Leaf curling spiders and golden orb weavers are common around Lachlan Swamp. Huntsman spiders can often be seen on the trunks of paperbark trees.

Walk the Centennial Park Labyrinth

Once you've checked out the Golden Orb Spiders near Lachlan Swamp, take some time to reflect and walk Sydney's first public stone labyrinth. 

Download the Wildlife & Heritage Walk

Centennial Park's Wildlife and Heritage walk starts at Paddington Gates, taking you on a fascinating journey through space and time.