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Work, Health and Safety Management

Guidelines for event organisers operating in Centennial Parklands


The following outlines the requirements of event site safety and the impact of an event site within the open public space of Centennial Parklands.

Event Site Perimeter

  • During the construction of your event site, it is a requirement that appropriate barricading and or fencing is in place to ensure that only authorised persons are within the construction site.
  • To ensure minimal disruption to other park visitors, maximum public access should be maintained around the outside of the event site whilst ensuring safety for all. Please liaise with our Venue Services team to clarify public access requirements on and around the specific venue for your event.

Event Site Safety

  • Centennial Parklands values safe work practices and the provisions of the Occupational Health & Safety Act 2000 and the Occupational Health & Safety Regulation 2001 apply.
  • A Safety Officer should be appointed from your team to ensure all OH&S requirements are met. This person should also be a qualified Firs Aid Officer with access to a first aid kit.
  • Event sites are construction sites during bump in and bump out. Under the Licensee’s control, the Safety Officer is responsible for ensuring that necessary signage is posted and that a sign-in and induction procedure is implemented for all staff, contractors and visitors to the site. Centennial Parklands staff needing to enter the site are also expected to undertake your induction process.
  • Vehicle movement on the event construction site should be at max 10km an hour and all vehicles should travel either with a ‘spotter’ or under hazard lights. It is preferable that a one-way vehicle route be introduced on the site to avoid damage to the site and minimise potential collisions.

Hazardous Materials on site

  • Use of hazardous materials such as gas and fuel on site must be managed to ensure the continuous protection of the Parklands, its assets including flora and fauna staff, contractors and all park users.
  • Please identify storage area for such materials on the Infrastructure Plan and confirm arrangements for the safe use and storage of hazardous materials on site to ensure no damage on site Eg refuelling forklifts and generators on site so as to ensure no spillage on turf, fuel spills kill grass.

Parklands Safety

  • Centennial Parklands is an extremely busy and popular inner city public open space attracting over 10 million visits annually.
  • The Parklands are open 365 days a year and contain live roads with enforceable road rules.
  • Centennial Park is closed to vehicles between sunset and sunrise, however pedestrians may enter the Parklands 24hours a day.
  • Centennial Park also contains a 3.8 km cycle way, a 3.7 km the walking path and a 3.6km horse track.
  • Visitors to Centennial Parklands are from every demographic, from young children to older people, from dog walkers and horseriders, to joggers and pram pushers and from picnickers and painters to cyclists and walkers. The Parklands are also heavily used by various team sporting groups.

Many of the Parkland’s visitors would not be expecting trucks or vehicles to be ‘off road’ to set up an event site so every effort must be made to ensure that the public are made aware of the safety requirements at your event site and that appropriate traffic control is in place and the public are restricted from unauthorised entry to the site.


  • Horses have been part of the life of the park since its opening in 1888, and are part of the daily activities within the park. There is a riding track of 3.6 kilometres around Grand Drive in Centennial Park, plus Equestrian Grounds and the Equestrian Centre. Horses walk in and out of the park via Robertson Road Gates to the Equestrian Centre, through a shared traffic zone.
  • Event organisers and contractors must be aware of this shared use, and act appropriately. The following guidelines have been provided by the Centennial Parklands Equestrian Centre:

Horses dislike change. Even though most of the horses stabled at CPEC have been around the park a thousand times, if something is there today that was not there yesterday, they are likely to be startled by it.

Contractors working on or near the horse track should always keep an eye open for horses approaching. Noisy machinery should if possible, be turned off to allow horses to pass safely. Vehicles should not be parked on the horse track.

Signs, banners, tarpaulins, safety tape etc should not be allowed to flap in the wind near the horse track as the sight and sound of this can be terrifying for horses.

Despite their size, horses are quite fragile. Please take extreme care not to leave anything behind on the horse track.


  • Cycling is a very popular activity within Centennial Park, and there is a cycle lane on the left side of Grand Drive, within Centennial Park.
  • Event organisers and contractors must be aware of this shared use, which includes riders ranging from professional groups to small children.
  • Truck drivers in particular must be made aware of this shared use within the park, and follow the vehicle restrictions.
  • No vehicles may drive, pull over or park in the cycle lane unless directed to do so under agreed and appropriate traffic control systems.

Pedestrians and joggers

  • Many pedestrians and joggers are not expecting vehicles to cross except at designated crossings and driveways. Appropriate traffic control must be in place to minimise pedestrian and vehicle conflict, especially where vehicles are required to go off road.
  • Pedestrians and Joggers have a right of way.

Dogs in Centennial Parklands

  • There are regulations regarding dogs in Centennial Parklands and zones where dogs are able to be off leash as well as zones where dogs are required to be on leash.
  • A dog owner is responsible for the effective control of their dog, however event organisers should be aware of dogs and their owners when setting up and holding an event within Centennial Parklands.
  • Centennial Parklands Ranger Security Officers should be contacted in the event of a dog related incident.


  • Centennial Parklands is home to a variety of animal and bird life. The animals and birds generally stay out of the way of busy event sites, however they do cross the roads, and event organisers and contractors should be aware of this.
  • If you find a sick or injured animal, please do not handle it. Centennial Parklands Ranger Security Officers should be contacted on 0412 718 611.