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Guidelines for event organisers operating in Centennial Parklands



  • Taps with potable (drinkable) water are positioned throughout the Parklands. The Venue Services team can confirm locations and arrange access if required.
  • Free water must be provided and clearly visible for patrons attending ticketed events. This may be free bottled water or drinking fountains can be brought in and connected to the potable water supply.


  • Many event locations in the Parklands are located on existing playing fields which are generally irrigated with an underground irrigation system. As a result extra care needs to be taken when planning your event activities on these sites to ensure the irrigation system is not damaged.
  • Prior to bump in the Venue Services team will arrange for the irrigation system to be marked up to ensure the location of irrigation heads and the underground system is identified before the commencement of any event construction on site. Additional charges will apply for this service.
  • Generally the irrigation system at your event site is switched off whilst your event is being held.

Grey Water

All grey water must be taken off site to be disposed of. Under no circumstances must grey water be disposed of onsite or in any of the drains at Centennial Parklands. All drains in Centennial Parklands lead to the ponds.