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Guidelines for event organisers operating in Centennial Parklands


Event signage in Centennial Parklands is subject to approval and covers a range of signage purposes including promotional, directional and traffic management related. he following points should be considered when planning your signage requirements for events in Centennial Parklands.

  • Event organisers must provide a signage plan for their event, detailing the following:
    - Signage external to the event site, including a map of placement points, description of signage and content, dimensions, attachment information, and the timetable for installation and removal - please note Signage external to the event site should be limited to directional signage only, ie no promotional signage or advertising signage may be placed around the Parklands (unless at our approved banner locations - see below). All other signage must be internal to the site and where practicable not visible to the general public outside the event site.
    - Signage internal of the event site should include First Aid/Medical location/s and emergency exit gates.
  • Where an event is likely to have major traffic impacts (i.e. road or gate closures) advance notification signage will be required to be in place 2 weeks prior to the event to notify park users.
  • Signage must not be attached to any part of a tree or existing structure in the Parklands.
  • Please note that pole posters are considered litter and are not permitted in or around the Parklands. Fines apply.

Variable Message Signs (VMS)

For events with significant impact on the Parklands, particularly relating to traffic congestion in the park, event organisers need to budget for the provision of VMS resources for installation in the Parklands prior to the event day as well as on event day, to give park users advanced notification of the event arrangements.

  • Our Venue Services team will advise on VMS requirements, including details of best locations, message text and timeframes. VMS may also be used for providing directional information to assist with managing evnt supplier access in the Parklands as well as event patron directions to and from the event.
  • Please note VMS can not be used for promotional purposes in the Parklands.

Gate Banners

  • Centennial Parklands has 5 dedicated promotional banner sites at Musgrave, Randwick, Robertson Road, Paddington and Woollahra Gates.
  • Event organisers have the opportunity to install promotional banners at these sites for a fee. Bookings are subject to approval and availability and will be at the discretion of the Parklands.
  • If you wish to book the gate banners, please advise our Venue Services team as early as possible. The banner sites have specific measurements and all artwork must be approved prior to production of the banners.

This review curent as at October 2014