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Security and Emergency

Guidelines for event organisers operating in Centennial Parklands


Depending on the size and nature of your event, you will likely be required to source a security company to provide security at your event and you will need emergency plans in place in the event of any unforseen incident. As part of the venue licence agreement with Centennial Parklands, event organisers are required to provide a Security and Emergency Plan. The following information is provided to assist you with the development of your Security and Emergency Plan.

The Security and Emergency Plan means a plan detailing the security and emergency procedures for the Event including in the case of an injury to public and staff, power failure, bomb threat, fire and evacuation, the communication strategy for the Event, contact list and security management systems.

The Security and Emergency Plan should be prepared by a suitably qualified specialist in the area. Our Venue Services team can assist with contacts should you not have an existing supplier, and can provide guidance on planning to suit the venue.


Centennial Parklands security provider

Centennial Parkland’s day to day provision of Ranger Security Officers (RSOs) is supplied by a third party security contractor. On event days, the RSOs are rostered to oversee traffic management, manage the interface between event activities and Park visitors, enforce Trust Regulations and protect the Parkland’s assets. The RSOs are separate and in addition to event security resources for the events. RSOs operate external to event sites, not within them.

Centennial Parklands will work with the event organiser to agree upon the required number of RSOs for the event and book these on your behalf. A quote will be provided pre-event and the event organiser will be invoiced for the actual RSO costs post-event.

RSOs will perform duties and responsibilities under instruction from the Parklands Venue Services team. The duties will relate to the event specific impacts on the Parklands including:

  • implementation of road and gate closures and traffic management at road closure points
  • checkpoint control for authorised vehicle access
  • assistance with monitoring event activities within the Park

Event site security

  • Centennial Parklands RSOs do not perform event site security. You will need to contract a security provider for your event depending on the nature and scale of the event. The Venue Services team can provide contact details for security companies that are familiar with working in the Parklands.
  • Where event infrastructure is to remain on site overnight, your own security contractors should be engaged to secure the site and protect the assets.
  • Where the event is ticketed, cash handling is involved and alcohol is to be served, your own security contractors should be engaged to operate within the site.
  • Any security company engaged to operate in the Parklands must provide proof of a Current Master Security Licence and $20M Public & Products Liability Insurance.
  • Please note firearms are prohibited in the Parklands under the Regulations. If your security company foresees a need to have armed guards in the Parklands, a written application must be submitted and approval given in writing by the Parklands prior to engagement of any armed security.

User-pays Police

Generally for events in Centennial Parklands, the need for a Police presence at an event will be determined during the application for a liquor licence. The NSW Police User-Pays policy applies to the provision of Police officers at an event and this will also determine the number and level of policing required at your event.

  • When applying for your liquor licence you will be required to liaise with the NSW Police Local Area Command to determine any User-Pays Police requirements for your event, including any requirement for User-Pays licensing Police.
  • User-Pays Police may also be required to assist with traffic management during patron ingress to and egress from the event. Centennial Parklands staff and security contractors have no jurisdiction beyond the park boundaries. Without Police assistance, large scale egress of patrons from the Parklands can result in major traffic disruptions if not effectively managed.


  • If your event is a walk/run/cycle course, marshals may be required for directional assistance during the event. Marshals are not to be used to substitute a security or traffic management role unless they are qualified to do so, with recognised certification.
  • Please provide details of the role/s of your marshals in your security plan and how they will integrate into the emergency plan if required.


  • It is important to have equipment to facilitate communication amongst the event organiser’s team, security personnel, and the Parklands team working with you on your event. We recommend at least two forms of communication are available on site during site occupation in the Parklands. This may include mobile telephones and 2-way radios for all key staff.
  • Please provide a list of your team's key contacts with the Production Schedule, including name, role, mobile phone numbers and email contact.

•The Parkland's requires that the event organiser report any safety or security incidents occurring in relation to the event to our nominated Venue representative.

Lost Property and Meeting Points

  • Lost Property and Meeting Point procedures for managing lost and found property and persons from your event need to be developed and detailed in operational plans. Locations should be marked on your site map and procedures should be detailed in the Security and Emergency Plan.
  • For persons lost and found external to the event site but within the Parklands boundaries will be managed by the Centennial Parklands Ranger Security Officers through their standard operating procedures. You should contact your Venue Services representative if a lost person incident occurs or contact the 24hr Rangers directly.
  • Lost Property within your event site should be handled internally and items not claimed at the conclusion of the event should be provided to Police rather than Centennial Parklands staff.
  • Please provide contact details for lost property enquiries to our Venue Services team, to aide us in directing patron enquiries received post-event.

Access Passes

  • The event organiser is required to provide details of the types of access passes in operation for the event (wristbands, lanyards, tickets etc).
  • The Parklands requires the highest level of access passes for specific Parklands representatives. Please liaise with our Venue Services team to confirm details of passes required and arrange delivery to the Centennial Parklands offices.
  • Where the provision of tickets and access passes are a requirement of the venue licence, these must be provided at least five (5) days prior to the event day.


  • Centennial Parklands values safe work practices and the provisions of the Work Health & Safety Act 2011 and the Work Health & Safety Regulation 2011 apply.
  • A designated Safety Officer should be in attendance at your event site at all times to ensure all WH&S requirements are met. This person should also be a qualified First Aid Officer with access to an appropriately equipped first aid kit.
  • Event sites are construction sites during bump in and bump out. Under the Licensee’s control, the Safety Officer is responsible for ensuring that necessary safety signage is installed and visible and that a sign-in and induction procedure is implemented for all event staff, contractors and visitors to the site.
  • Vehicle movement on the event construction site should be walking pace only and all vehicles should travel either with a ‘spotter’ or under hazard lights. It is preferable that a one-way vehicle route is introduced on the site to avoid damage to the site and minimise potential collisions.
  • See OH&S and Site Safety Toolkit for more information.

First Aid

See First Aid and Medical Toolkit for more information.

Emergency Planning

Event organisers are required to provide details of procedures in the case of an injury to public and or staff, power failure, bomb threat, fire and emergency evacuation. The plan should be prepared by a suitably qualified specialist in the area and should cover details including, but not limited to

  • Event organiser’s chain of command and communication path, with contact details
  • Emergency evacuation routes and assembly point
  • Emergency vehicle access

Centennial Parklands will assist with defining Emergency evacuation routes, assembly points and emergency vehicle access route.

Centennial Parklands routinely notifies local emergency services prior to each event.

The standard route into Centennial Park for emergency vehicles is through Randwick Gate off Darley Road.

Site Plan

Please ensure your site plan includes:

  • Numbered emergency exits
  • Any grid reference layout you may be using

This review current as at October 2014