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Risk Management

Guidelines for event organisers operating in Centennial Parklands


The staging of outdoor events in a public Parklands presents a range of risks and hazards that must be identified, assessed and managed. The Parklands has a range of operational plans and procedures in place to manage the impacts of the staging of events at venues within the Parklands however the event organiser of the event is responsible for the conduct of their event. Each event is likely to have features that may introduce event specific hazards and risks that need to be addressed by the event organiser.

The Event Organiser must undertake a risk assessment that should consider all aspects of the event they are hosting. The assessment should evaluate the likelihood and impact of the various hazards and risks on the event and form the basis for the preparation of their event management plans including but not limited to their Risk, Health and Safety Management Plan and their Security and Emergency Management Plans.

The Risk Assessment Process

The assessment process is based on the Australian Risk Management Standard – AS/NZ ISO 31000:2009. The five key stages of risk management are:

  • Risk context
  • Risk identification
  • Risk analysis
  • Risk evaluation
  • Risk treatment

Your Risk Management Plan must meet the Australian Standard for Risk Management AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009. For more details call Standards Australia on (02) 8206 6000 or visit

The Parklands completes its own Risk Assessment and management plan based on the Australian Standard for each event.

This review current as at October 2014