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Production Schedule

Guidelines for event organisers operating in Centennial Parklands


The Production Schedule contains details of the event activities, key contacts and other information that is required to manage the event from bump in to bump out. The following information should be included in your Production Schedule:

  • contact details for key staff, suppliers and contractors (including after hours contact details as appropriate).
  • details of operating hours for bump in, the event and bump out (please note bump in and out must be conducted during daylight hours only, unless otherwise agreed to by the Parklands and within the dates and times specified in the Licence).
  • key vehicle delivery schedule for suppliers.
  • other key dates and times such as:
    - sound checks and rehearsals, walk/run/race start and finish times
    - event opening and closing times
    - bar and food and beverage operating times
    - amplified sound operational times
    - vehicle lock down times (please note no vehicles are permitted on the site during event operation hours).
  • details of any entertainment scheduled for the event.

You must provide a copy of your production schedule and any subsequent updates and changes to the Parklands Venue Services team so planning for operational impacts across the Parklands can be considered and implemented.

Site handover

Site handover is a time when we meet with the event organisers on site to document and agree on the condition of the venue prior to the site occupation. At this time, the event site will be temporarily assigned to the care and control of the Licensee. The event organiser is expected to maintain the safety, integrity and appearance of the site and any built structures. The reverse process is completed following bump out when we assess the condition of the site and determine any cleaning, repairs or restoration required. Please arrange an appointment with our Venue Services team for the site handover before bump in and at the conclusion of bump out.