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Power, Lighting and Phone Lines

Guidelines for event organisers operating in Centennial Parklands


  • Centennial Parklands has limited power and lighting facilities and is hired as a greenfields site.

Power and generators

Centennial Parklands venues are generally not equipped with a power supply. You will need to hire portable generators suitable to the needs of the event. The use of silenced generators is preferred. All relevant Australian Standards safety requirements must be adhered to when installing power.

Only the Belvedere Amphitheatre has a power supply (there are four 3 phase outlets at this site)


Due to the lack of lighting in Centennial Parklands, access to build event sites is generally restricted to daylight hours.

For events that will occur in the evening, lighting is required for the safe entry/exiting of patrons from the event site to the park gates. The distance your patrons have to travel to the gates from your site must be considered in your lighting plan and suitable portable lighting towers will be required to light the agreed route.

In addition to any theatrical or stage lighting, event organisers are also required to provide adequate lighting for patron safety within the event site.

Tree lighting may be permitted in certain areas of the Parklands but any proposal to install lighting in trees must be discussed with and permitted by the Parklands Venue Services Team.


At this time, Centennial Parklands does not have a Wi-Fi service available.

Phone Lines

Telephone connection points are available at some Parklands event sites: Parade Grounds and Brazilian Fields in Centennial Park. Please make arrangements direct with Telstra for telephone line connections to your event site.