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Marketing and Communications

Guidelines for event organisers operating in Centennial Parklands


The following is a summary of the Marketing and Communications Annexure in the Licence:

Advertising and logo use

  • The event organiser must ensure that all promotion of the event includes the Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust logo as supplied by and in a manner approved by the Parklands Marketing and Communications team.
  • Advertising which can be deemed litter or pollution, such as fliers, pole posters and bill posters, is not condoned by the Parklands and will not be approved.
  • The Parklands has a number of high profile purpose built gate banner sites that can be hired to promote a licenced event. Please inquire with our Venue Services team as early as possible to discuss your requirements. All artwork must be approved by the Parklands and fees and charges apply. Refer to the Signage ToolKit for further information.

Online, E-News and Social Media

The event organiser must provide an event website whilst there is any active marketing of the event. The website must include:

  • The approved Parklands logo listing the Parklands as an event partner on the website homepage
  • a venue information page detailing transport and parking information and key access times
  • a public transport message, with information linking to the Transport Information Line 131 500 and and a hotlink to the Parkland's website

In addition the Parklands must receive:

  • editorial mentions in pre and post event e-newsletters distributed to the event organiser's database; and
  • mentions in any dedicated event Facebook pages and Twitter posts pre and post event.

Public transport message

  • All ticketing, advertising and collateral (print or electronic), must include a public transport message such as the Transport Information Line 131 500, the web address or App.

Cross promotional opportunities

  • The Parklands Marketing and Communications team will discuss a number of cross promotional opportunities with you once the licence agreement has been signed. This can include the use of event imagery by the Parklands in print, electronic and social media promotions as well as signage and/or advertising space for the Parklands at the event.

Ticket sales

  • If events are promoted and tickets put on sale before the Venue Licence Agreement is signed, this is done at the organiser's risk.
  • For ticketed events, the Licensee must be able to validate ticket sales via an auditable process.
  • For ticketed events, the Licensee must implement an electronic monitoring system during the event so as to identify the number of patrons on the site at any time.

Notification of neighbours

  • The Parklands will usually notify nearby residents of planned event activities in the Parklands, including relevant sound, visual and traffic impacts of the event. For some events, particularly those including sound, the Parklands may require a specific resident notification letter to be distributed to neighbouring residents likely to be impacted. The letter is usually prepared and distributed by the Parklands at the cost of the event organiser.


  • Event organisers may have the opportunity to utilise the promotional gate banner sites in the Parklands. Bookings are subject to availability and fees and charges apply.
  • "Clean" venue requirements apply to event sites in Centennial Parklands. All promotional or branding signage must be internal to the Site, displayed only during site occupation times and not obviously visible to the general public from outside the site.
  • This section only refers to promotional signage. Please also refer to the Signage ToolKit and the Traffic ToolKit for further information regarding directional and regulatory signage.

Contingency Communications

  • As part of the Marketing and Communications Plan a contingency communication strategy should be prepared in case of postponement or cancellation of the event before or during the event; and for contingency planning in the event of extreme weather during site occupation period.
  • The event organiser must nominate their key contacts for site management, event management, safety officer, security and emergency management, media representatives and provide contact details for these representatives in the plan.

Media Management

  • The Parklands has nominated media representatives. Only these representatives are permitted to comment to the media on behalf of the Parklands. Please include your nominated media representatives on your contact list.
  • No publicity releases that reference the Parklands or the Trust may be issued by the event organiser without prior notice to the Parklands.
  • Media enquiries to do with the event should be directed to the event organiser, not the Parklands.
  • Media enquiries to do with the venue can be directed to the Parklands media representative.
  • An acceptable strategy for communicating with the media in the event of cancellation or emergency should be included in the contingency communication plan.

Commercial Filming and Photography

  • The event organiser may only carry out commercial filming or photography in the Parklands (including recording, broadcasting or web-casting) with the consent of the Parklands and must be done in accordance with the conditions of consent. Commercial Filming and Photography fees and charges may apply.


The Trust welcomes your sponsors to the Parklands, however it reserves the right to refuse a proposed sponsor. In particular, the Trust may reject any proposed sponsorship arrangements that:

  • breaches the Act or the Regulation;
  • conflicts with another authorised use of Centennial Parklands;
  • is linked with tobacco or pornography; or
  • is considered by the Trust to be indecent, obscene, offensive or likely to cause affront to any person.

The Trust only requires details of the sponsorship in so far as how it relates to the use of the site for promotional purposes; for example handouts, signage and sampling activities. Sponsorship activities must be contained within the event site.

A member of the Parklands Marketing and Communications team will work with you on the marketing and communications components of the event as part of the signed licence agreement. Please provide contact details for your marketing and communications coordinator.