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First Aid and Medical

Guidelines for event organisers operating in Centennial Parklands


Bringing together large groups of people into one place increases the likelihood of a medical occurrence at an event. This could be due to a patron's pre-existing medical condition (asthma, epilepsy, etc.) or could be the result of event related behaviour and weather conditions (alcohol consumption in hot weather, running race in rainy weather, etc.). It is a licence requirement for any event within Centennial Parklands to have a first aid and medical plan in place to manage any medical incidents that occur as a result of people attending the event.

First Aid

As a minimum, a qualified First Aid officer with an appropriately resourced First Aid Kit is required on-site at all times (incidents can also occur with site crew and event staff during the build/dismantle period of the event). You will be required to specify what arrangements are in place for First Aid provision for your event, including:

  • the contact details of a designated First Aid/safety officer covering the full period of site occupation.
  • the name of the company providing your First Aid services on event day, eg St John, First Care, etc.
  • what time the First Aid providers will be operating on the event day (First Aid should not leave the event site until all event patrons have cleared the venue).
  • the proposed location of the First Aid point within the event site as well as locations on any associated run or walk route around the Park.
  • whether there will be an ambulance onsite for the event.

You should discuss the location of the First Aid point with the Parklands Venue Services team so they can assist to ensure the location is accessible for any emergency vehicle access, eg is it near to a roadway and not blocked in by fences or other infrastructure? Any calls for an ambulance or other emergency services to an event site must be communicated to the on site Parklands venue representative who can ensure that Parklands Rangers are mobilised to assist if required. This is especially important if your event involves any road or gate closures within the Park and the ambulance needs to access through these closures.

  • For harm minimisation principles a free supply of drinking water must by law be incorporated into event site plans. This is particularly important for events where alcohol is to be served.

Alcohol and Drug Management

Many events in Centennial Parklands sell or provide alcohol to event patrons which requires an approved Liquor Licence. NSW Police are responsible for monitoring the conditions of any approved Liquor Licence on site however there are legal obligations such as the Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) requirements as well as harm minimisation strategies that the Parklands also has an interest in to ensure a safe and successful event.

The Parklands venue services team works closely with event organisers, NSW Police and other related agencies to ensure the safety of patrons at all events in the Parklands. The Parklands does not condone the use of illegal drugs and will refer any incidence of drug use to NSW Police. First Aid providers should be equipped to manage incidents relating to alcohol and drug consumption at an event.