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Guidelines for event organisers operating in Centennial Parklands


As the Parklands are an open public space, it may be necessary for you to erect fence lines around your event site depending on the nature and scale of the event.

You will need to consider fencing for the following:

  • Prior to the commencement of any construction within the licensed event site, the event organiser is required to fence/barricade the area and display appropriate safety signage to prevent unauthorised entry by members of the public into what is essentially a construction zone.
  • If your event has restricted entry, e.g.; ticketed or by invitation, fencing may be required.
  • Within the Parklands, fencing certain sensitive and protected areas may be required if your event site and/or patron access routes are located near these areas.
  • Fencing along ingress and egress routes may also be required in order to direct your patrons to the correct locations.

There are many types of fencing, and the Venue Services staff can assist you in suitable options.

Additional things to consider include:

  • Your fencing can be covered with scrim or branded material, however the wind resistance factor must be taken into consideration and the material should allow wind to pass through. The Parklands will need to approve branded scrim prior to its installation.
  • Fencing installation in Centennial Parklands must take into account the shared uses of the Parklands, for example fencing must not cause a hazard in the cycle lane, horse track, jogging track or block pedestrian footpaths and thoroughfares.
  • Please liaise with our Venue Services team to clarify public access requirements on and around the specific site for your event.
  • Any fencing associated with road closures should be included in your Traffic Management Plan.
  • The scheduling of installation of any fencing external to the event site should be done in consultation with Parklands staff, so it can be coordinated with other activities in the Park. The installation of fencing must be included in the event production schedule.
  • The duration of fencing installed external to the event site should be minimised to avoid unnecessary impact on other Park users.