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Guidelines for event organisers operating in Centennial Parklands


Centennial Parklands relies on self generated revenue and income from events is an essential component in supporting the continued maintenance and improvement of the Parklands. We are therefore unable to waive event fees.

The fees for event venue hire are based on application and depend on the nature and scope of your event and the impact it may have on the Parklands. All venues in Centennial Parklands are hired as 'greenfield' event sites with no infrastructure or power available - with the exception of Belvedere Amphitheatre that does have access to power. Depending on the style and scope of your event, other cost factors to produce your event in Centennial Parklands can include the provision of all event infrastructure including but not limited to fencing, marquees, staging, portable toilets, lighting and generators for power.

The Venue Licence Agreement (licence) includes cost items such as:

  • Licence fees and Bonds
  • Provision of complimentary tickets to the Trust to the event as specified in the Licence
  • Payment post-event of any costs for damages, repairs and/or site renovations

Insurance certificates:

  • $20 million Public Liability Insurance for event organiser, suppliers and contractors
  • Worker's Compensation certificates for event organiser, suppliers and contractors

In addition, as part of the preparation and submission of management plans as per the Licence agreement you should consider the following likely cost factors:

As part of the Food and Beverage Plan you may require

  • a Local Council Temporary Food Stall permit
  • a Liquor License (for the sale and service of alcohol)

As part of the Infrastructure Plan you may require

  • Site works pre- and post-event, e.g. marking and testing irrigation, removing fencing or log bollards. Note these works are organised through Centennial Parklands Venue Services

As part of the Marketing and Communications Plan you may require

  • Printing and distribution of a resident notification letter (prepared and distributed by Centennial Parklands)
  • Provision of an approved gate banner to promote the event at the gates to Centennial Parklands (optional)

As part of the Security and Emergency Plan you may require

  • security resources for asset protection and event security (insurance certificates and security licenses for any third party security providers must be provided)
  • User-Pays Police resources, booked directly with the relevant NSW Police Local Area Command

As part of the Signage Plan you may require

  • Directional signage within Centennial Parklands to the event site plus appropriate safe work site and emergency signage
  • Gate closure signage if your event will involve the closure of Centennial Park vehicle Gates

As part of the Sound Management Plan you may require

  • a sound bond
  • acoustic monitoring to ensure compliance with conditions of the EPA Prevention Notice. Note these works are organised through Centennial Parklands Venue Services.

As part of the Traffic Management Plan you will require

  • Traffic control plans (TCPs) including appropriate staffing and infrastructure specific to the event and the event site
  • Centennial Parklands Ranger Security Officers may also be required as part of the approved Traffic Management Plan. These will be organised through Centennial Parklands Venue Services