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Roadways & tracks

One of the best things about filming at Centennial Parklands is that we can easily accommodate parking near your film site.

Centennial Park's Grand Drive

Grand Drive was Sydney's first public suburban drive and is the main road that circles Centennial Park. Originally intended for horse and carriage, now cars, cyclists and horse riding enthusiasts use this roadway daily.

Centennial Park's Loch Avenue South & Musgrave Avenue

Both of these thoroughfares may be closed off and used exclusively for shoots. Musgrave Avenue is situated on the eastern side of Centennial Park with a smaller gate only for pedestrians and cyclists.

Centennial Park's Snake Bank

Situated beside Busbys Pond, Snake Bank has an almost ‘tropical’ feel, providing a palm tree-lined track alongside the large pond. This site is a popular location for TV commercials, including one with an elephant walking down the track.