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ReLEAF Parklands - habitat rehabilitation project

Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub once covered a vast area of 5300 hectares in the Sydney Basin. However, today it is a critically endangered vegetation community as less than 127 hectares remains. Centennial Parklands is one of the few areas where this unique vegetation remains and we need your help to ensure its flourishes into the future.

Project Aim:

Act in a collaborative and proactive way to help restore areas of ESBS within the parklands so that future generations can experience the areas historical natural wonders


  • Minimise threats which are endangering ESBS such as controlling invasive weed species, stimulating natural regeneration where possible and formalising pathways in a way that maximises learning whilst reducing negative impacts.
  • ​Supplementary planting of indigenous species that are no longer capable of regenerating naturally and in bare areas.
  • Using bush regeneration and rehabilitation practises to improve the overall health, structure, integrity and diversity of the remnant endangered Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub (ESBS) vegetation community to improve its resilience and long-term viability.
  • Improve the amenity of the Parklands natural areas by nurturing its natural heritage values and reducing erosion.
  • Provide learning opportunities for the community in ‘natural areas rehabilitation and the all health benefits working in nature helps with.
  • Improve and expand habitat and feeding opportunities for native animals, in particular birds like the Yellow tailed black cockatoo.
  • ​Work in alongside local indigenous stakeholders like Tribal Warrior Aboriginal Corporation team to reconnect local people to this special place.


Fortnightly Tuesdays from 1pm to 4pm.

ReLEAF Volunteers are required to:

  • Understand the goals and objectives of the overall project
  • Work positively and cooperatively within a diverse group
  • ​At times work unsupervised and as part of a team depending upon the task

What do volunteers need?

  • On the day you will need preferably long sleeves and long trousers, sturdy enclosed shoes, wide-brimmed hat, water and sunscreen.
  • No experience is necessary.
  • Good physical fitness is also required – rehabilitation can be hard work.

What to expect

  • This hands-on conservation project involves Bushcare like tasks, such as: removing invasive species, planting, installation of tree guards and important follow up maintenance such as watering.
  • We supply onsite training, all the tools, gloves and morning tea.

Volunteer for the ReLEAF Parklands - habitat rehabilitation project

Vacancies are currently available for this program. If you are keen on being involved on a regular basis please register here, or please email us with any enquiries.

This position requires a 6 month minimum commitment of at least 9 sessions. An induction is required to participate in this program.  These take place twice a term. On registration we will contact you with the next available induction day.

All participants must be fully COVID-19 vaccinated.