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Carp management

Cyprinus carpio or European Carp is a major pest species in Australia and poses a significant threat to native fishes by destroying aquatic habitats and competing for resources.

‘Grass Roots’ is a community volunteer fishing program focused on reducing European Carp numbers in the ponds of Centennial Park.

The Grass Roots program is led by a professional fisherman who volunteers his time for the Parklands. Volunteers learn the specific methods used to catch carp when fishing in the Parklands.

Volunteers who participate in this program have an exemption from the regulation prohibiting fishing and can fish on the ponds.

There are opportunities for corporate groups to come and fish in the Parklands as a team building exercise. See our Corporate Volunteers program for details.

Please note: Carp fishing in is only permitted through authorised Centennial Parklands programs. Fishing outside these arranged group is illegal and offenders are liable for prosecution.

Upcoming dates and times

First and third Wednesday of the month. 3pm to sunset.

Volunteer for the Centennial Parklands Carp Management Program

 For vacancies for this program please refer to the Volunteer Positions Available section.