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9 Aug 2021

Discover hidden gems in Centennial Parklands

Move away from the main hustle and bustle, off the main track and into one of our unique areas in Centennial Parklands. What hidden gem will you find?

With many seeking an escape into nature during lockdown, our Parklands continue to remain an open, safe and accessible haven to local visitors. With hectares of space to share, here are some insider tips of the best kept secrets to explore during COVID-Safe exercise in our Parklands.  

Dusk at Duck Pond

The ever-changing beauty and wonder of the Ponds is something to discover no matter what time of the year. If you want to see something truly spectacular, visit at dusk where the true gems reveal themselves.

Duck Pond, Centennial Park. Photo by Bettina Cutler


Guriwal Trail near Fearnley Grounds

Talk a short stroll through the Guriwal Trail to embrace the natural habitat of its unique flora and fauna. It also provides interactive education for kids to learn about some of the plants used by the local Aboriginal people.

You can also check out the Guriwal Trail virtual tour online

A pathway through the Guriwal Trail

One More Shot Pond

Sunrise beside One More Shot Pond is just breathtaking. If there is a little fog at dawn, there is the most amazing exposure of light in the area as it filters through the Plane trees, the Swamp Cypress, and the Willows. The best time to experience this is during Winter so rug up before you come!

View of One More Shot Pond

 Lachlan Swamp

More than meets the eye, Lachlan Swamp features a remarkable world of trees and fascinating creatures that live in the wetlands. A clear dry day to explore is best! 

Why not try our Tree Trail activity - fun for the kids to learn about the different species of trees.

View of part of Lachlan Swamp

Pine Grove

Pine Grove is a beautiful part of Centennial Parklands, however, its true beauty comes from within. By entering the Grove you may get lost in the wilderness and the true calmness the trees provide. Not only is it great to be surrounded by a grove of beautiful pine trees, but it gives you the feeling that you're a million miles from anywhere. 

Explore the calming nature of Pine Grove

All the locations mentioned above can be found on our interactive maps.

​We do ask all visitors to be mindful of others around you and practise safe social distancing while in our Parklands, please visit our COVID-19 Information page for regular updates. 

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