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22 Dec 2020

Sustainable Summer - Holiday Games for Kids

Do you have nostalgic childhood memories of running through the backyard sprinklers in summer? Water play is one of the best ways to get your kids outside having fun in summer.

However, gone are the days of spending hours playing with a water-gushing hose. We are a bit more environmentally savvy these days.

At Centennial Parklands, conserving water is very important to us. Afterall, drought in Australia is one of our most concerning environmental issues.

Anyone who spends much time outdoors in an Australian summer will quickly start to realise what an important and valuable resource water is, and we want to make sure all the children who visit our programs feel the same.

So what are our best tips for saving water during summer water play?
  1. We set a limited amount of water for our games by filling up a clean plastic bin or bucket to a designated height. By setting that limit, we know how much water we have to play with during our game. This makes children automatically want to conserve it because they know when it runs out, the game is over.
  1. We use squeezy water bottles (instead of sponges) and basic water pistols that don’t use too much water in our games. Each time a child squirts water at another child, they are only using a few 100mls of water, instead of the tens of litres that would come out of a full force hose used for the same purpose.
  1. We play all our water games on the grass and next to trees. That way, whilst we are having fun, the plants get a nice drink at the same time.  Playing water games in the shade also helps to keep children wetter and cooler for longer, meaning less water is needed to stay cool.
Want to learn more about how we educate to conserve water during water play? Come along to one of our fun summer programs listed on our What’s On page. You'll get to play some of the games we refer to above, and also learn how to make a natural water filter and a mini raft out of natural foraged materials.

Not in Sydney and looking for fun outdoor activities – check out our how-to videos and activity sheets on our Create, Play, Grow page.

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