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22 Jul 2020

Is this Centennial Park's most beautiful pond?

Did you know there are 11 ponds in Centennial Parklands? While most people have their favourite, one pond is undoubtedly the most photographed of the lot. Can you guess which?


Lily Pond!

Lily Pond, Centennial Park
Lily Pond captured by photographer, Phil Quirk

Lily Pond is one of the smallest ponds in Centennial Parklands. It was originally referred to as Fiddle Pond, due to its shape. It was developed as an ornamental waterbody in the 1890s to grow and display water lilies of various species. 

This timber pedestrian bridge over Lily Pond was built in the 1890s by the Public Works Department. Today, it has become one of the iconic images of the Park and is a popular backdrop for many wedding photos, and the filming and photography industry.

Unlike all other ponds in the Parklands that are fed by stormwater, Lily Pond is fed by a natural, underground spring in Lachlan Swamp.

By the 1920s a range of water irises were also planted in the pond, and during the 1940s stone edging was completed to help prevent flooding.

Location of Lily Pond in Centennial Park
Lily Pond is located adjacent Lachlan Swamp in Centennial Park.

Today is it is an important habitat

Today Lily Pond’s small islands, vegetated with papyrus, provide an important habitat for water birds such as purple swamphens, black swans and the clamorous reed warbler.

Its water brims with aquatic invertebrates such as dragonfly nymphs, water boatmen and aquatic earthworms during warmer months. 

Three visual reasons to love Lily Pond!

A picture, as they say, speaks a thousand words. So let's just see why so many people love Lily Pond...

Lily Pond image by Paul Westrupp
 Lily Pond in the rain - by Paul Westrupp


Family visiting Lily Pond to see wildlife
Family visiting Lily Pond to see the wildlife 

Lily Pond is such a stunning part of Centennial Parklands! If you love it as much as we do and have any photos on your phone to share, please tag us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with @centparklands #centennialparklands 

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Lily Pond is such a stunning part of Centennial Parklands. If you are looking for a special place to have your next family gathering, check out our picnic sites here.

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