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26 Apr 2019

Tuff Nutterz returns for more thrills!

The world’s largest inflatable obstacle returns to Centennial Park this weekend - Saturday 8 June to Monday 10 June. Measuring a massive 270 meters and with over 30 different obstacles, the course is unlike anything seen in Sydney before.

Tuff Nutterz is 270 metres long with 30 obstacles!

Tuff Nutterz made its world debut in North Manly on Friday 4 January - where hundreds of Sydney families ran, climbed, jumped, crawled, wiggled, bounced and slid their way through the massive blow-up course.

For thrill-seeking families south of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Centennial Park was the very second location in Australia to host Tuff Nutterz - check out the fun posted on Instagram with the hashtags #tuffnutterz and #centparklands!

With blow-up climbing walls, huge balancing balls, hanging rails, slides and all things in-between, the course is family-friendly but fun and challenging enough for adults and kids alike. To get an idea of the scale, imagine it filling the inside of an athletic track!

Parents and caregivers alike are encouraged to give it a go and have fun alongside their children. The massive scale of the course makes for plenty of space for kids to let rip and challenge themselves. 

Reaching new heights at Centennial Park

Tuff Nutterz now returns to Centennial Park this June. Food and drink, including coffee, ice cream, and savoury options, will be available on site.

Don't miss it this time around - book your families’ spot for Tuff Nutterz here.

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