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18 Jul 2018

Sport surfaces at Centennial Parklands’ prove to be a winner!

The iconic Centennial Parklands Sports Centre recently underwent a complete upgrade of its playing surfaces and amenities, which was focussed on supporting grass-roots sport across multiple genres including tennis, netball, basketball, soccer and golf. 

Last night, the Sport Centre took home the award for best ‘Sport Surfaces’ at the Australian Sport, Recreation and Play Industry Awards hosted by The National Sports Convention in Melbourne.

Centennial Parklands receives an award in Melbourne

At the heart of the vision to revitalise what was previously an outdated Sports Centre was to provide grass-roots sports with a vibrant, inclusive and welcoming space which also benefits the greater community. The revamp not only supports local players but provides a whole new way to engage and encourage new users which creates more opportunities to improve the health and lifestyle of the people of Sydney.

With over 180,000 visitors each year, the Sport Centre is a vibrant hub of activity that supports over 150 schools that visit the precinct each year and the 16,000 hours of sport that are played in the area!

Watch our video to hear more about the highlights of the project and meet some of the passionate people from the Parklands that help make the Sport Centre a world-class facility.

Made possible by the NSW Government and the Parklands, the upgrades include:

  • Fencing repairs and refurbishment of the 11 tennis courts, making it one of Sydney’s best and largest outdoor tennis centres
  • Energy efficient LED lighting upgrades
  • Complete resurfacing of all the netball courts
  • New, state-of-the-art tennis PlaySight SmartCourt technology the first in NSW and the only one in Australia accessible by the general community.
  • Renovations of the heritage Sports Centre, located on the corner of Anzac and Lang Road
  • 8 additional all-weather courts were created which can be configured into a full field that has been certified by FIFA, the ARU and the NRL.

As Australia’s largest provider of community sporting assets, our team is thrilled to be recognised for this award but we have been pleased with the community’s response to the upgrades too. So far there has been;

  • 20% increase in netball competition including 560 teams, 5,600 players,
  • 40% increase in Tennis court bookings, and;
  • A new soccer competition attracting 400 players, 40 teams!

You may have noticed that our website has also received an upgrade too! Stay tuned for exciting new features to launch including booking sport fields online.  

To see the full list of winners visit the National Sport Convention website here.

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