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Declaration of Animal Health

This form must be completed and provided to the Manager’s Office at Centennial Park Equestrian Centre (CPEC) prior to your horse entering Centennial Parklands (this includes the Centennial Parklands Equestrian Centre and Centennial Park). Please present the form in person or by email

This form is to be completed by the owner who should be familiar with the disease status of the property the horse has come from immediately prior to entering Centennial Parklands or CPEC. Depending on the area from which the horse is being located we may require an inspection of the horse by a veterinary surgeon.

Please complete the Declaration of Animal Health form, available for download here (PDF, 142kb).

Required fields are marked with an asterisk *

After due inquiry and to the best of my knowledge, during the past 30 days the property of origin of the above addresses has not had any horses affected by the following diseases within its boundaries:

  • Anthrax; Equine infectious anaemia; Equine viral arteritis; Equine morbilllivirus; ringworm.
  • Any other contagious disease that might not be endemic in the general horse population.
  • Any “notifiable disease” of horses as per the NSW Department of Primary Industries.
  • Any contagious disease including diseases of the skin.

I declare that the horse named above has been in good health, eating normally and has not shown any sign of disease in the past three days leading up to transport of the horse into CPEC or Centennial Parklands. Signs may include but are not limited to discoloured nasal discharge, swelling under the jaw or of the legs, diarrhoea, depression or elevated temperature.

In the interests of the horse population stabled at Centennial Parklands Equestrian Centre, management reserves the right to prevent entry to or remove any horses from Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust lands which do not comply with this Declaration of Health or arrive with an unacceptable health status.

Thank you, your request has been successfully sent.