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The following questions are some of the more common asked by private clients of Centennial Parklands Equestrian Centre.

If you have any questions that are not answered by this page or on this website, please contact the Equestrian Centre on (02) 9339 6695 or


Q: How much does it cost to stable my horse at the Equestrian Centre?

A: There are three different levels of stabling depending on the size of your horse, your requirements and your budget.  See the fees and charges for current prices. 

Feed and bedding are additional to prices quoted in the rate card and are the owner's responsibility.

Q: Can I get someone else to feed and muck out my horse if I can't make it?

A: Yes, there are two on-site agistment providers who can provide full board or tailor a package to suit your needs.   

Q: Where can I ride if I stable my horse at the Equestrian Centre?

A: On the Clydesdale and Platinum packages, you have access to all three arenas and the lunge yard in the Equestrian Centre as well as the additional arenas and facilities in the Equestrian Grounds in Centennial Park.

The only arena you need to book is the lunge yard. All membership levels have access to the beautiful tree-lined horse track around the perimeter of Centennial Park.

Q: What if my friend wants to ride my horse?

A: Your friend can ride your horse at the Equestrian Centre, as long as they have gained the approval of Centre Management and after submitting the following:

Q: Can I give my friend/children a lesson on my horse?

A: No. Only riding school instructors and approved Independent Instructors may teach in the arenas at the Equestrian Centre.

Q: Can my coach instruct me at the Equestrian Centre and/or the Equestrian Grounds?

A: Your coach is only permitted to instruct you if he or she is an authorised Independent Instructor or works for one of the five on-site Riding Schools. Please advise your coach to contact Centre Management for more information.

Q: Can I let a friend use my stable while my horse is having a spell?

A: No, subletting of stables is strictly prohibited. Your friend should contact Centre Management for information on stabling.

Q: Is there anything I need to do if I am taking my horse on a spell?

A: You must advise Centre Management of any overnight absences by completing a Spelling/Notification of Absence Form. When the horse returns to the Centre, you must complete an Animal Health Declaration form so that we have a record of where your horse has been while absent, as well as some additional information.