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Code of Conduct

The Centennial Parklands Equestrian Centre (CPEC) is one of the world’s great urban equestrian assets.

The Centennial Parklands Equestrian Centre (CPEC) is one of the world’s great urban equestrian assets.
Inside this Centre, and associated Centennial Parklands, is found a remarkable complex of stables, riding tracks, equestrian infrastructure and supporting networks. It provides an equestrian experience like no other, for the people of Sydney.
Greater Sydney Parklands (GSP) is committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all visitors who use Centennial Parklands and all those who use and access CPEC, the Equestrian Grounds and the Horse Track.
The Centennial Parklands Equestrian Centre and Grounds – Code of Conduct and Regulations (Code of Conduct) governs the acceptable conduct and behaviours of visitors to CPEC, private clients and all licensees who conduct their business there and the associated use of the horse track at Centennial Park.
Centennial Parklands is a complex and busy site. This requires participants of CPEC to share the space with many other park users. This Code of Conduct supports your activities in the park while providing safe and enjoyable access for all.
Any person who uses the Centre, and its equestrian facilities is required to comply with the Code of Conduct.

New Code of Conduct

A new Code of Conduct has been developed to:

  • improve safety and wellbeing of CPEC Participants and Greater Sydney Parklands staff
  • eliminate illegal activity
  • ensure compliance with Government regulations
  • improve behaviour of participants
  • strengthen GSP’s ability to deal with unacceptable behaviours and maintain safe and accessible equestrian facilities.

The new Code of Conduct will come into effect on 1 July 2022. All current Participants must read the new Code, submit the Acknowledgement Form by 30 June 2022. Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you can download the Code and also do an online acknowledgement. 

Community Consultation on a draft Code was undertaken from 13 December to 2021 to 7 February 2022. An information night was held at the CPEC Main Arena on 16 December 2021, with 34 participants attending. A follow up meeting was held on Wednesday 4 May 2022, with 33 participants attending.

At the close of consultation, 20 submissions were received, which included 103 comments on 30 different issues.

Main changes in the new Code and activity at CPEC following community consultation

Trial of removal of padlock at Equestrian Grounds gate - The new Code confirms that the gate to the Equestrian Gates ‘must be closed at all times’ and that the gate can only be unlatched when entering and exiting the site. Following feedback, GSP will now trial, until 30 June 2022, the removal of the existing padlock to make it easier for riders to enter and exit the Equestrian Gates. There will no longer be a requirement to lock the gate, but as the Code stipulates, the gate must still be closed and latched. Following the trail GSP will consider the permanent removal of the padlock. This may then lead to a change of membership to one Membership for all that includes access to the Equestrian Grounds.   

Breaches of the Code - The new Code tightens enforcement of non-compliance by providing management with the authority needed to suspend a participant’s membership (or stable booking) or cancel for more serious breaches in a timely manner to ensure good order is maintained in the centre.

Probation period – all new stable bookings will be subject to a 3-month probation period.

Use of Private Cameras – Private cameras are not permitted, without the written approval from CPEC Management. All Participants with current cameras, will either need to remove them before 1 June 2022 or apply in writing to Management to keep the cameras. Approval to have a camera will only be granted in certain circumstances, such as to monitor a health’s welfare, safety or security. Cameras will only be able to be trained on a stable, and not in any public facing area of the Centre. GSP is currently reviewing the current cameras and security system in CPEC with a view to increasing security patrols and installing additional CCTV cameras in public areas.

Definition of a Minor – A minor, for CPEC purposes, is defined as a person who is 15 years or younger.
Supervision of Minors – All minors (aged 15 years or younger) must have a responsible parent or guardian, who is a Participant at CPEC and Equestrian Grounds, with them at all times. Only participants who are 16 years and older do not need to be supervised while in CPEC or riding in Centennial Parklands.

Photo ID requirements – Participants must include photo ID of themselves when submitting their Participant Nomination form but will not need to carry photo ID when riding in Centennial Park or the Equestrian Grounds. Participants will be required to provide their name and address to Park rangers when requested, but not photo ID. Photos of horses must be submitted with each new stable application or change of horse within an existing stable booking.

Cantering in the Support Arena – Cantering is permitted when the Arena is not in use by other Participants or with the consent of all riders/authorised instructors present.

Long reining in Lunge Yard - Long reining is not permitted on any Trust land, under current regulations, including CPEC and will remain prohibited in the new Code. Any change will be considered as part of a broader Trust Regulation Review.

Frequently Asked Questions
The new Code will be enforceable from 1 June 2022.
Everyone who undertakes activity at CPEC, including Participants and Licensees must read the new Code of Conduct and acknowledge that they will abide by the Code.
Yes. We are looking at a shorter version of the Code and acknowledgement form for these purposes and this will be available shortly.
Everyone under the age of 18 must read and sign the acknowledgement form, but their form also has to be co-signed by a parent.
Yes. All children aged 15 years and under must be supervised at all times at the Centre, the Equestrian Grounds and on the Horse Track at Centennial Park.
Any request for variations to the Code must be received in writing by CPEC Management for consideration. The proposed new Code requires children 15 years and under to be supervised by an adult at all times for their own safety. The new rule is in place to protect minors and prevent injury from unsupervised activity. This change is also recommended to be introduced on the Horse Track at Centennial Parklands due to the risk to the minor if there is an accident or fall and the risk to park users if a horse leaves the Track.
Participants must be 16 years and older to be unsupervised.
All Participants must obtain public liability insurance from a reputable insurer for the amount of $20M as well as insurance that covers accidents or injuries sustained while undertaking equine activities. Participants with Equestrian Australia membership which includes public liability insurance will be covered. Proof of insurance must be provided on request.
Everyone is responsible for their behaviour while at CPEC, the Equestrian Grounds and the Horse Track. Parklands Rangers and Authorised Persons will be monitoring for compliance.
A Participant may appeal a decision in writing to the Trust. The Trust will review the decision within 30 days of receiving the written appeal. The Director of Operations, Visitors and Sport at Greater Sydney Parklands, has absolute discretion to alter or revoke the decision.
Where the Trust has requested the Removal of Participant or cancellation of a booking, the participant may not appeal the decision until they have complied with this request – so they must leave the premises as instructed.

Acknowledge the new Code of Conduct

It is a requirement that all Centennial Parklands equestrian Participants read, sign and comply with the Code of Conduct. This includes anyone else who will be engaging in equine related activity with a privately stabled horse. Participants with a stable booking must nominate other handlers/riders for approval by CPEC Management.

1. Read the new Code of Conduct

Download the new Code of Conduct (PDF, 2.79MB) 

2. Submit the Acknowledgement Form

All current Participants must read the new Code, submit the Acknowledgement Form to by 31 May 2022.

All Participants and Nominated riders/horse handlers must read the Centennial Parklands Equestrian Centre (CPEC) Code of Conduct & Regulations and then complete this form in acknowledgement they have understood it, before conducting any activity within CPEC or the Equestrian Grounds at Centennial Park. 
If you are nominated by more than one Participant with a stable booking, a separate Acknowledgement form and supporting documentation must be submitted for each nomination. The Participant with the stable booking must nominate you, and must have approval from, CPEC Management prior to your engagement in any equine related activities at CPEC or the Equestrian Grounds within Centennial Park.

You may experience issues with the form if you are using Internet Explorer (IE). Please use another browser (e.g. Chrome).

Fill out and submit the form below to acknowledge the new Code of Conduct

License Type

Proof of age
Date of birth

Enter your date of birth in the following format YYYY – MM – DD.

You may be required to show proof of age
Alternatively you can fill out and sign this  Acknowledgment Form (PDF, 1.57MB) and send it to by 31 May 2022.