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Application for Independent Instructor Permit

If you are a qualified horse riding instructor and would like to instruct clients at the Centennial Parklands Equestrian Centre, within Centennial Park on the Horse Track or within the Equestrian Grounds, you must hold an Independent Instructors Permit to do so.

There are three different levels of permits available at applicable permit fees. These include:

  • Annual permit (valid from 1 July to 30 June)
  • One-off casual
  • One-day clinics

Independent Instructor Policy

All approved Independent Instructors must adhere to Centennial Parklands Independent Instructor Policy when instructing within Centennial Parklands.

All permits are issued subject to compliance with this Policy. View the policy here.

Applications and approval

Before operating as an Independent Instructor, you must complete and return the application form with the required documentation and passport photo. Please note submitting the application form does not guarantee approval.

Download and complete the application form here.

The annual permit is valid from 1 July to 30 June, which must be renewed each year on 1 July. For applications submitted during the year, the appropriate pro-rata amount (based on the months remaining on the permit year) will be charged for the applicable permit fees and all permits will end on 30 June of the relevant year.

An Independent Instructor must visibly display their permit at all times when instructing within Centennial Parklands. Failure to produce this permit when asked by an authorised Parklands Officer may result in an infringement notice or cancellation of the permit. Operating without a permit may result in the person being removed from the Parklands.

Further information

If you would like further information or have any questions regarding the new Independent Instructors process please contact the Centennial Parklands Equestrian Office on (02) 9339 6695 or email