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Changes to parking regulations (1 July 2019)

Published on 31 May 2019

Changes to parking regulations will take place from 1 July 2019 due to an increase of vehicles being parked within Centennial Parklands all day. 

Rangers, staff and members of the public have observed drivers walking from the Parklands at 9.00 am and returning to their vehicles after 5.00 pm. Coinciding with the increase of vehicles, pedestrian traffic through the Centennial Parklands Equestrian Centre is taking place each morning and afternoon. 

This behaviour has increased risk within CPEC as people unfamiliar with horse behaviour and movements are using the site as a short cut and all day parking. 

In line with the historic stance on discouraging all day parking, 3P parking restrictions will be extended in the areas outlined in the map below from Monday to Friday and CPEC will introduce 2P parking restrictions 7 days a week from 1 July 2019.

Failure to comply with these restrictions will result in an $80 fine. 

If you require assistance please ring the Rangers on 0412 718 611.