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12 Nov 2020

Have your say about nature play

Childhood is changing

The everyday culture of play and outdoor experiences is shifting and changing.

According to the Gonski Institute (2020), prepubescent children spend over 5 hours a day on screens and 92% of adults think that smartphones and social media have reduced the time that children have for daily physical activity and active outdoor play. Emotional and social challenges have increased in schools and 88% of teachers say that the number of students who need behaviour support has increased.

Are our kids being left behind, inside?

Every year thousands of children run through the gates of the Ian Potter Children’s Wild Play Garden at Centennial Parklands or join our Education team for a nature-play based program. Our experts in outdoor education at Centennial Parklands have worked with the community for almost 10 years to deliver experiences to families who want more nature time. Now we are turning our attention to the rest of NSW.

We want to find out what nature play is already happening across NSW, what kind of support is needed to expand the practice and which organisations and individuals are interested in supporting a nature play strategy for NSW.
The consultation process will involve an online survey and a series of focus groups and interviews to develop the picture for a Nature Play Strategy for NSW.

Help us make the nature play strategy meet the needs of NSW kids

We want to hear from a wide range of people and organisations across NSW. This includes not for profit community groups, health workers, educational institutions, researchers, landscape architects, parents and carers, grandparents, faith groups, council staff, childcare educators, government organisations and small businesses. We would like to hear from anyone who has an interest in enriching childhood through nature play across NSW.

Please take five minutes out of your time to complete the survey and help us make a plan to get all kids in NSW into nature play.

Take the survey and have your say


Practitioners and delivery organisations

Government, industry, business and community

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