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Lachlan Wetlands: A Dynamic Ecosystem

The Lachlan Wetlands: a Dynamic Ecosystem program provides year 11 biology students with the opportunity to collect a variety of data for a depth study exploring ecosystem dynamics within an urban wetland and grey-headed flying fox colony. This program is linked to  Module 4. 

Stage 6 Biology (Module 4)*

Students will gain an understanding of the Lachlan Wetland through scientific investigation and use their knowledge to make predictions about the future of this ecosystem.

Lachlan Wetlands program activities:

  • Measuring biotic and abiotic factors along a transect to determine relationships between them

  • Identifying impacts of environmental and human pressures on the ecosystem

  • Working in small groups to design a monitoring and management plan for an ecosystem pressure.

Curriculum links and syllabus outcomes:

  • BIO11/12-1 develops and evaluates questions and hypotheses for scientific investigation

  • BIO11/12-3 conducts investigations to collect valid and reliable primary and secondary data and information

  • BIO11-11 analyses ecosystem dynamics and the interrelationships of organisms within the ecosystem

*Module 3 activities can be substituted upon teacher request.


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