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Environmental Change and Management, Wetland Ecosystems

Students begin work on a geographical depth study into the causes and consequences of environmental change and evaluate the Parklands management responses for its urban wetland in the past, present and future. 

Stage 5 Geography

Environmental Change and Management of Wetland Ecosystem program activities:

  • Mud-mapping and field sketching of the Parklands’ pond system

  • Turbidity study to assess storm water quality

  • Biological sampling of understory vegetation to determine biodiversity

  • Investigate ponds management practices to determine their effectiveness.

Curriculum outcomes and syllabus indicators:

  • GE5-5 - Assesses management strategies for places and environments for their sustainability

  • GE5-3 - Analyses the effect of interactions and connections between people, places and environments

  • GE5-2 - Explains processes and influences that form and transform places and environment

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