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Plan Your Incursion


Number of students Number of sessions Centennial Parklands Educators Cost
60 2 1 $480 (minimum charge)
90 3 1 $720
120 4 1 $960
150 5 2 $1200
180 6 2 $1440
210 7 2 $1680
240 8 2 $1920

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Incursion Information

  • Maximum class size per session is 30 students
  • Sessions run for 50 minutes 
  • A 10 minute clean-up is required between sessions
  • Sessions will run consecutively with one Centennial Parklands Educator
  • If you require more than four sessions, we will run sessions concurrently with an additional Centennial Parklands Educator. Please contact us for further information on large groups
  • School staff members are required to supervise students during the incursion


  • An off street parking space is required for the Centennial Parklands vehicle, as close to the venue as possible.
  • A school staff member will be required to meet the Educator at the vehicle and assist with any sign in procedures and accessing the venue
  • A dedicated space is required per incursion (a classroom or outdoor space depending on the incursion choice). 

Risk assessment

Click here to download the Centennial Parklands incursion risk assessment.